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Cours de bio-informatique: 2012, 2013, 2018.

Public Directory

Hi, welcome to my home page. My name is Sebastien Boisvert. On the Internet, my name is sebhtml. I like clarity in thoughts and communication, and simplicity in designs.

I work at Gydle Inc with computers and software on biology cases (genetics, genomics). This intersection is usually called bioinformatics (technical applied work thereof) or computational biology (algorithms, modeling). I maintain a group on optical mapping on Mendeley.

Maxime, -- my heterozygotic twin -- is a Software Developer at Shopify, an Internet company. My significant other is a Software Engineer in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry.

I play the bass guitar since July 2015 (Ibanez GSR200), I ride my longboards (mainly my Rotule Speed Karrot and my Loaded Dervish) since at least 2010, and I experiment with free software (I use ledger for my accounting needs) on my many computers. I am an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation.

I like developing software (C++ 2011, Spacemacs/Emacs, Vim, git, mercurial, and so on), tracing software (LTTng, Perf), and building software (Gentoo, CMake, ...). I also like playing video games, and configuring my computers. I also like testing software (suites, cases, assertions, reproducers).

Me in the island of Hawaii, in the U.S. state of Hawaii., April 2016. Photograph: E.G.

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